Looking for something to do in Las Vegas on a Thursday night?

Look no further!

Las Vegas is a rare city where weekday nights rival their weekend counterparts.

Thursday night in Vegas sets the tone for a weekend of excitement. Offering an array of experiences in luxurious Las Vegas hotels with some of the best nightclubs containing atmospheres unlike any other city.

Unlike Saturdays which can feel maddening, Thursdays have a tame level of excitement, as it marks the beginning of an influx of tourists.

While the nightclub options may be fewer than on weekends, the open clubs offer a high-quality experience with top-tier DJs and a thrilling ambiance.

Ready for an unforgettable evening?

Let’s dive into the best Las Vegas Thursday nightclubs.



Hakkasan Nightclub, found in the MGM Grand, is revered among locals as arguably the most iconic Las Vegas Club.

Every Thursday night, this colossal venue open its doors, welcoming everyone to experience the fun in its three-level layout, covering an impressive 10,000 square feet.

The club boasts stunning Grid lighting, creating an electric atmosphere for EDM lovers. On top of that, the world-class DJs and entertainment do an amazing job of playing great tunes and keeping the energy high, ensuring a party all night long.

If EDM is not your thing, head up to the third-floor Ling Ling Club. They play popular top 40 hits and hip hop.

Thursday nights are bustling here, making it a well-known and lively spot in Las Vegas and well worth the $30 presale fee.




Tao Nightclub

For many years, Tao Nightclub has been a major part of the Las Vegas nightlife experience, known on Thursday nights for its elaborate open-format music to cater to the likes of many.

It’s located in The Venetian, giving off an upscale and charming vibe. Here you can find A-list celebrities making all welcomed guests feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.

Which they are! The club is really big, 10,000 square feet big, with three bars and eight VIP sky boxes that overlook the main area. There’s also a neat 40-foot terrace with great skyline views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Not to mention, Tao changes up their decor every year, keeping things fresh and in style for all the picturesque Instagram-worthy highlights.

The headliner will be playing hip-hop most Thursdays, but don’t be surprised if you notice a more EDM or Top-40-focused lineup. That is because they have ‘Worship Thursday’ featuring local DJs on occasion.

Guys usually have to pay a $30 fee, but if there are the same number of guys and girls, then that fee goes away. Then, you can pay for your drinks at the open bar if you so choose.





The brand-new Zouk Nightclub at Resorts World Las Vegas adds something fresh to Thursday nights. It’s a high-tech experience, with three clubs packed into one mega club of 26,000 square feet.

Part of the new Resorts World casino on the Strip, Zouk has a main stage called the Mothership, with 30 floor-to-ceiling LED pods. They also have areas like the Capital Bar and Empire, which seamlessly blend to enrich the life of the party.

At Zouk, the party vibe keeps going strong on the dance floor all throughout the night. Their top-tier DJs will be playing EDM, Deep House, and Reggaeton. Expect famous appearances like Steve Aoki and Martin Garrix with live shows that feel a lot like the energy at EDC.

Make sure you get on the guestlist whether you’re a guy or girl so you can get in free before 1 am! Otherwise, you will be paying a $30 cover charge.

Travis Scott Performing at Zouk in 2023




Omnia Nightclub in Caesars Palace is another amazing spot for a night out in town.

It’s an upscale establishment with 3 different levels, artistic designs, and great equipment including beautiful chandeliers and unique lighting.

They play all kinds of music like EDM, hip-hop, and top hits, bringing in famous DJs and artists. With its unique spaces, it’s the place to be for an exciting and stylish night in Vegas.

Unfortunately on Thursdays, only the smaller “Heart Room” is open. Leaving something to be desired if you end up choosing here. Although, if you’re looking for a more intimate experience, here is the spot!

Prices here will typically be $40 for the cover, but obviously that depends on who is performing.




Las Vegas Expert Advice

View what locals and nightlife professionals have to say to enhance your experience.


What Time Should You Arrive

The majority of Las Vegas clubs open at 10:30, with the headlining performer taking the stage around 1 a.m.

Local advice suggests arriving between 10:30 and 11:30. This arrival window helps bypass long lines and ensures great service.

How to Get Into the Club

You have a few options, but since you’re on this page doing some research, I’m going to assume you’re a proactive person. In that case, here are three ways to enjoy the fun:

  1. Contact a promoter
  2. Visit the nightclub website where you can buy tickets and table service
  3. Use the Discotech app to get on the guest list

How Much Should You Expect to Pay

For men, it’s strongly advised to sign up for the guest list to benefit from a discounted cover charge. Typically, entrance fees range between $30 to $60, often including a complimentary drink, so here’s to a good start!

Women often enjoy discounted cover fees, typically in the $20 to $40 range. Although, depending on the night, it can be free.

Drink costs vary widely based on your selection, but anticipate a minimum of $15 per beverage.

Nightclub Promoter Opinions:

  • Norman Jay (Promoter): Highly recommends Hakkasan or Zouk, depending on the headlining performer.
  • Edson Morales (Promoter): Suggests the intimacy and allure of Omnia’s Small Room, presenting a unique and more personal nightclub experience.
  • Jay Patel (Promoter): Advises Tao for Hip-Hop enthusiasts or Hakkasan for EDM lovers.

Dress Code

Dress to impress at Las Vegas nightclubs with smart, upscale attire. Avoid athletic wear, excessively casual outfits, and flip-flops.

Opt for stylish, well-fitted clothing: collared shirts and proper shoes for men, chic dresses, or elegant tops with fashionable bottoms for women.



Thursdays are incredible for a night on the scene, signifying the commencement of a fresh weekend. Many locals consider it one of the finest nights for a night out, matching the excitement of a Saturday minus the overwhelming crowds.

Hakkasan, Tao, Zouk, and Omnia stand as your best clubs for tonight. Your decision should reflect the music genre you desire, the vibe you’re after, and the pricing for entry and bottle service.

Make sure you check the dress code and review the expert opinions to get a clear understanding of what to expect upon entry.

If you and your friends choose to let loose on a Thursday night, there’s a great chance it will be the best night of your stay!


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