Careyes is a fascinating place in Mexico along the Pacific coast. It’s a special hideaway where you can see awesome castles near the sea and amazing natural beauty.

An Italian banker named Gian Franco Brignone was a man with big dreams. He saw how amazing Careyes was back in the 1960s and thought it could become even more incredible. And now, after fifty years, Careyes has changed a lot! It’s got about nine miles of beautiful coastline, with colorful casitas and castles on the cliffs. People even call it “Mexico’s Positano,” but that’s not the only special thing about it. It’s not just about being fancy – it’s also about nature, art, and living “la dolce vita.”

Besides famous Italian bankers, other popular figures like Tom Ford and Cindy Crawford have vacationed here, but Careyes welcomes all who can make the trip.

Only 3% of the land is built up, so most of it is still untouched jungle. People who visit Careyes want to connect with nature and the cool artists who make this place awesome. There are so many things to do and nice places to stay in the middle of the jungle in Jalisco. Let’s explore!


How to get to Careyes, Mexico

There are no direct flights to Careyes but you can get there in different ways. If you fly to Puerto Vallarta International Airport, it’s about a three-hour drive.

There’s also a smaller airport in Manzanillo, called Playa de Oro International Airport, which is only 90 minutes away from Careyes. From here, you can take a taxi for about $75, or you can get a private SUV via El Careyes Club.

Some people even take private charter flights from Puerto Vallarta to a place called Chamela, which is just 20 minutes from Careyes.

Whether you need a rental car in Careyes depends on how often you want to go into town for food or fun activities.

But here’s the thing: most places to stay in Careyes are pretty close to beach clubs and lots of things to do, so you might not need a car because you can walk to most places easily.


What to do in Careyes

Careyes is a great place to visit at different times of the year. The busiest and most fun time is from late November to mid-April during its “high season.”

During this time, there are lots of cool events like music festivals and traditional Mexican activities. You could chill on the beach or read a book, but there’s just so much other exciting stuff to do! The weather is usually around 75 degrees and pretty sunny, though at times it can get a bit cooler.

On the other hand, the low season is from June to October. There’s more rain during this time, but it’s cheaper to visit. So, if you want to save money and don’t mind a little rain, this could be a good time to go.



Ondalinda is a four-day music festival in Careyes. It’s like a more glamorous version of Burning Man. The festival has art, great music with world-class DJs, and special events like seaside temazcal rituals and cacao ceremonies, which can help people relax and find their true inner being.

One thing I must warn you is that Ondalinda is invite-only. Through Ondalinda’s Website, you can set up an account to interconnect with other like-minded individuals and better understand how to join the fun!


Rent a Boat

You’ve got to explore Careyes by boat. The views along the Costa Careyes are just incredible and worth the $120 you pay for each hour. It’s an experience you simply won’t forget.

When you go along the nine-mile coastline, you’ll see the beautiful villas, sandy beaches, and untouched nature that brings such an exclusive group to Careyes. If you’re lucky enough to stay in one of the castles or higher-end villas, they sometimes provide their own boat. Imagine simply walking down to your dock and setting sail upon the Pacific.


Sound Bath at Copa del Sol

Gian Franco Brignone’s Copa del Sol is a magical place on the edge of the cliff where people can relax, look at the amazing views, and find clarity.

The Sound Bath is all about discovering more about yourself, feeling refreshed, and relieving stress through a mix of singing bowls, gongs, and chimes.

You need to book your visit with the concierge at least 24 hours before to make sure you get to experience this amazing and transforming place.


Other Activities:

  • Participate in the magical experience of releasing sea turtles back into the wild.
  • Embark on a serene kayaking and paddle-boarding adventure with Playa Rosa, exploring the enchanting waters.
  • Refine your Polo skills in a welcoming environment suitable for both beginners and experts. If taking part in a Polo match isn’t your forte, seize the opportunity to witness Aqua Alta, the prestigious annual tournament concluding the high season.

Where to Eat in Careyes

In Careyes, Mexico, seven really good restaurants blend the beauty of the beach with amazing food.

Even though there aren’t a lot of restaurants, the ones available give people an unforgettable dining experience. These places source from local fishermen and farmers for fresh and tasty cuisine.

They mix Mediterranean and Mexican styles to create a menu with lots of different and delicious dishes. This way, everyone who visits can enjoy the fantastic flavors of the region in every meal they have.


Playa Rosa Beach Club

For sure, the best place to eat right by the beach is the Playa Rosa Beach Club. It’s perfect for a yummy breakfast with great coffee or if it’s time to let loose, sip on their signature margaritas (make sure to try the volcanic salt rim!) with your lunch.

While there is not much competition around, they don’t sacrifice an ounce of quality. They have a mix of Mediterranean, Italian, and tasty seafood on their menu. After eating there, you’ll feel ready to tackle any adventures waiting for you.

During high season, they serve breakfast and either lunch or dinner, depending on the day. In the low season, they focus on making delicious lunches and dinners, making sure you have a fantastic dining experience.


La Duna at El Careyes Club & Residence

Located at the El Careyes Club & Residence, La Duna is a top-notch place for dining that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

People who’ve been there love their breakfast, but the whole day’s menu is fantastic with food that comes straight from local sources, making sure there’s something for everyone.

Eating at La Duna isn’t just delicious; it’s like a treat for your eyes too. Imagine eating with amazing views of the club’s infinity pools flowing down to the beaches and the huge open sea. The combination of flavorful food with the aesthetic of the ocean is truly second to none.


Pueblo 25

During the high season, you’ve got to check out Pueblo 25 for a special dining experience. It’s a wine-fueled high-end dining experience in a setting setting that feels warm and elegant.

They have a family-style menu that changes every day with signature Mediterranean seafood dishes that comes from local fisherman.

Pueblo 25 doesn’t just offer food, it’s like a magical food journey where you can taste amazing flavors in a classy and exciting establishment. If you come during high season and need a fancy night out, look no further.


Other Great Options:

  • Casa de Nada offers a laid-back sunset dining experience in a Hippie-chic setting amidst the Playa Teopa area.
  • SHIŌ SUSHI: A nine-seat sushi bar offering an ever-evolving menu based on the catch of 60 local fishermen each week, ensuring a fresh and diverse sushi experience.
  • Punto Como: Sharing owners with Playa Rosa, this restaurant offers excellent Italian cuisine, serving as the perfect getaway from the beach scene, catering to those seeking a change of ambiance and delectable Italian flavors.

The Best Places to Stay in Careyes

Careyes has 65 amazing villas, a fancy hotel, colorful casitas, bungalows, and ocean castles. They’re designed so that indoor and outdoor spaces flow together nicely, and there’s a wide range of prices. You can find places to stay that cost a few hundred dollars per night to others that cost several thousand dollars per night!

Whether you have a big budget or a smaller one, there’s a place for you to stay. Most come with infinity pools and all have stunning views of the beautiful Costa Careyes and the Pacific Ocean.


El Careyes Club & Residence

The El Careyes Club & Residence is the special hotel in the Careyes Community. They’ve got suites with 1 to 4 bedrooms, and the best part is you get amazing views of the ocean right from your private balcony.

If you stay here, you’ll be treated well. They’ve got a spa, five awesome infinity pools, La Duna restaurant, two tennis courts, and all the gear you need for paddleboarding and snorkeling adventures in the ocean.

The prices for staying in these rooms change depending on the time of the year, ranging from $300 to $1500 per night.


Bungalows at Playa Rosa

These cute bungalow style beach houses right by the ocean give you a dreamy experience. Imagine waking up and stepping right onto the warm sand as the sun starts to rise – it’s like something from a movie!

These lovely pink bungalows are near the Playa Rosa Restaurant, so you can enjoy amazing ocean views and have your morning coffee all in one place.

They might not have all the extra services that big hotels do, and they’re a bit less private compared to the villas in the hills. But the good thing is they’re more affordable, usually around $350 per night, making them a pretty convenient choice to stay.


Sol de Oriente

The famous Ocean Castle, Sol de Oriente, is the top luxury stay in Careyes. It costs around $10,000 per night, and it’s got a lot of amazing things that make it worth the money.

This super posh place comes with a full staff including a great local chef, a masseuse, butlers, and housekeepers, making sure you feel special during your stay. What’s cool is it has a funicular that takes you to your own private tower where you can see incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re not into the funicular ride, you can still enjoy the amazing views from the rooftop terrace or the outdoor lounge by your 360-degree infinity pool.


Casitas de Las Flores

Casitas de Las Flores is a blend of feeling at home and staying in a hotel. These colorful houses have private terraces and someone cleans them every day, so you feel comfy.

You can even get a massage in your house, which is a nice extra. The casitas have different sizes, from 1 to 4 bedrooms, so there’s something for everyone.

If you want more, they have yoga rooms and plunge pools, depending on what you like and what you want to spend. They usually cost about $350 a night, which is a good deal for a cozy and well-equipped stay.


Casa Selva

Casa Selva is an amazing villa with seven bedrooms. It was designed by a famous architect, Jean-Claude Galibert, and it’s close to Playa Rosa.

The villa is open and gives you and your friends or family lots of luxurious comforts, like an infinity pool, two nice outdoor lounge areas, and a special place to have meals under a cool palapa.

It usually costs around $2,500, but it can change at different times of the year. But the villa comes with expert cooks and housekeepers, making sure you have a great experience and feel happy with what you get for the money.



Careyes is an amazing mix of art, feeling good, and the beauty of nature. When you walk around, you get to connect with nature and meet cool people who dream big. The more you discover this special place, the more you fall in love with it, and it leaves a strong impression on you.

There is so much to do here from music festivals to polo competitions, and meditation, Careyes truly has it all. Not to forget there stellar restaurants that will keep you fueled to handle whatever the day brings your way.

Whether your budget allows for beachside bungalows or cliffside castles, we are sure that you will look back and know that it was all worth it.

It’s a place to explore new things and get into the magic of Careyes, which makes this secret hideaway full of art and natural beauty so special.


Pro Tips

  • Stock up on essentials before arriving in Careyes, as there are no grocery stores or markets within the vicinity.
  • Most restaurants accept credit cards, but carrying Pesos is advisable.
  • Prices at local restaurants are comparable to those in major cities like New York City or Los Angeles.

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